About us

Transheal System is a First and Only healing system in the world, which addresses mind-body-soul, qualifying the health definition of World Health Organization (WHO)) which includes the nutraceutical product that will be in a branded health box to address the healing of BODY helping to address problems. The animated video will explain what to do for SOUL, which includes ablution, breathing routines and certain light body movements while lying down on bed followed by recitation of holy verses & Asma ul Husna, authenticated & approved by Islamic Scholars. For MIND, There will be headphones, which when connected to the phone will play inductions of 10 to 20 minutes, creating a belief for a cure and rewriting healing programs in the unconscious mind, taking care of the root cause of the problem. Health Wallet in terms of the mobile application will also be part of this healing system. 

The definition of health according to WHO is, it’s not the absence of disease, in fact it is the wellbeing of bio, psycho and social. (Mind-Body-Soul). According to research 80% of the visits to General physicians for body illnesses and pain, the root cause is suppressed negative and unresolved memories, negative emotions and future anxieties.

However, patients are prescribed allopathic medicines to suppress the symptoms in the body for temporary relief and illness is popping up again & again. The number one cause of mortality will soon be over medication, not only by prescription but from over the counter (OTC) medicines and word of mouth recommendation as well. 


So the question is very simple if HUMAN BEING complete HEALING is mind, body & soul, so how the cure will happen by simply suppressing the symptoms in the body. Hence comes the HOLISTIC solution.